Albums to Listen to Instead of Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’

There are enough think pieces on the internet explaining why Taylor Swift is mildly irritating, so there’s relatively little point in me writing another one. What I HAVEN’T seen on the internet is a list of music for people who like Taylor the Musician, but are becoming more and more irritated with Taylor the Celebrity. Or maybe you have no problem with Taylor, and perhaps … Continue reading Albums to Listen to Instead of Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’

Do I Even Like Stranger Things?

People who have known me a long time know that it took me a ridiculously long time to finish the Harry Potter books. This isn’t because I thought the books were bad, it’s because I realized around 12 years old that I wasn’t reading out of genuine enjoyment, but out of social pressure. It was what everyone else was doing. It was something you did to feel relevant in the sort of bookworm social circles that 12-year-old me associated with.

The current version of this is Stranger Things. It’s not a BAD show. But the more I watch the more I can’t help but think that I’m not watching it out of genuine enjoyment, I’m watching because if I don’t watch it right now, someone might spoil it. It feels like a show I’m supposed to like. I WANT to catch up on Jane The Virgin, Crazy Ex Girlfriend, This Is Us, and Hell’s Kitchen. But I NEED to watch Stranger Things because I’m trying to have a blog about movies and tv and Stranger Things is something I should probably write about for SEO purposes. And just think of all the memes I wouldn’t understand if I didn’t watch Stranger Things. I NEED to be able to understand the memes and so apparently I NEED to watch Stranger Things.  Continue reading “Do I Even Like Stranger Things?”