An Album a Day: LM5

January 28, LM5 – Little Mix Genre: Pop Year: 2018 Runtime: 44:15 Total tracks: 14, including a 29-second a capella intro Songs you might know:  – “Woman Like Me” (ft. Nicki Minaj) – “Think About Us” – “Strip” (ft. Sharaya J) My prior relationship with this album: I’ve been stanning Little Mix for several albums now. The group is everything that a true group act should … Continue reading An Album a Day: LM5

An Album A Day: Walk the Moon

Jan. 26, Walk the Moon by Walk the Moon Genre: Pop rock/Alternative Year: 2012 Runtime: 43:00 Total Number of Tracks: 11, including a 35 second instrumental interlude Songs you might know: – “Quesadilla” – “Anna Sun” – “Tightrope” – “Jenny”   My prior relationship with the album: Like many people, my first introduction to Walk the Moon was “Shut Up and Dance.” But as I dug … Continue reading An Album A Day: Walk the Moon

Albums to Listen to Instead of Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’

There are enough think pieces on the internet explaining why Taylor Swift is mildly irritating, so there’s relatively little point in me writing another one. What I HAVEN’T seen on the internet is a list of music for people who like Taylor the Musician, but are becoming more and more irritated with Taylor the Celebrity. Or maybe you have no problem with Taylor, and perhaps … Continue reading Albums to Listen to Instead of Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’