January 2018: Anne Goes Streaming Exclusive!

Hello friends! As almost anyone can tell, my blogging was not as active over the last few months as I would’ve liked. So as I try to “get back to normal” this month I thought it would be fun to give myself an easy blogging challenge that is still somewhat interesting for the rest of you. Ergo, Streaming Exclusive!!

What does that mean exactly? It means that for the month I am not allowed to watch ANY television series made for traditional tv. I am limiting myself to streaming originals, specifically Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. Other than that my streaming habits won’t change all that much, and I’ll blog about what I’m watching. Note that the rule only applies to tv series, not movies. Hell, it’s Oscar season, I can’t just skip the movies.

I’m going to be using a super strict definition of the word “original” for this. I’m not counting shows such as The Mindy Project or Arrested Development that originally aired on network tv and then picked up by streaming services upon cancelation. Shows such as Between or Lilyhammer which air on traditional television in other countries are also ineligible. That being said, original versions of foreign shows i.e. House of Cards are fair game.

So why do this exactly? Genuine curiosity, of course. It’s clear streaming originals aren’t going away so I want to learn what I can about them. How do they differ from regular tv? Are there noticeable differences between Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix? Has the streaming world evolved to the point that I can do this for a month without missing my other shows? Will it drive me into the arms of podcasts or dare I say books? Will I actually watch all those interesting-sounding shows I never bothered with or will I just binge Mozart in the Jungle and Bojack Horseman? I don’t know but we can find out together and hopefully it will be as exhilarating as I imagine.

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