Streaming Exclusive Day 3: Oh yeah!! THIS SHOW!

My mood for the day: I worked my first ever double which gave me a nice sense of accomplishment but also meant I didn’t have much time for streaming. I was low on energy. I swear to you, one of these days I’ll actually be in the mood for a drama but today was not the day.

What I watched: Netflix’s Master of None (S2:E3-S2:E5)

Had I Seen It Before: Nope.

What IMDb says: The personal and professional life of Dev, a 30-year-old actor in New York.

My Thoughts On What I Watched: These episodes returned to what I liked about Season 1. Yes, they were funny, but we also got to see Episode 3 tackle religion. We saw Episode 4 cleverly edit numerous Tinder dates together. We saw Master of None do what it does best. It embraces the streaming medium and takes all the risks that wouldn’t be allowed in a network sitcom. Yet at the same time it’s still a young person living in NYC trying to make something of themselves. It blends familiarity and originality and gets the balance right.

My favorite episode of the bunch was definitely S2:E3 “Religion.” It had a way of depicting the struggle of living with a religious family when you yourself are not religious, yet it didn’t demonize religion either. The ultimate moral of the story is that religious parents are still humans with feelings that should be respected even if you don’t agree with their religion. You can probably get away with watching this one episode even if you haven’t seen the preceding ones, and I highly recommend it.

My Thoughts On Streaming In General: Yesterday talked about the negative effects of waiting so long between seasons, so today I want to take some time to talk about the pros of not having to wait between episodes. The first two episodes of Master of None Season 2 weren’t really bad, but they also lacked some of the crucial elements that made me fall in love with Season 1.

Had I been watching this one episode at a time, once a week, it would be really easy to say “what else is on?” Come week 3 after two off-the-mark episodes. With streaming, it’s easier to give shows a little more time. A lot of times, they’ll just autoplay and the season can feel like one long movie, with the audience barely noticing the breaks between episodes.

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