Streaming Exclusive: The Blog About Not Blogging

While I am not egotistical enough to believe that this blogging project had hoards of fans who read it religiously, I still owe an explanation to anyone who’s been trying to keep up.

I haven’t written in several days in part because it’s really hard to write when you don’t feel proud of your writing. I hate feeling like I have nothing to write about because I haven’t had time to watch anything. I hate feeling like all I’m ever doing is summarizing episodes without any original analysis. I hate feeling like this grand adventure that I originally thought would be ever so riveting is really just me lying in bed watching Casual. And maybe, it was slightly delusional to think that my bad habits of procrastination would magically turn into something interesting if I forced myself to blog about it.

Creativity is a weird thing because on the one hand, I want to be the type of person who can create even when I don’t feel like it. I want to be the trooper that pushes ahead and gets shit done even if the muses aren’t doing me any favors. But I also want to maintain a certain level of self-awareness. I want to be able to call myself out when my work isn’t up to my standards and adapt accordingly.

In the case of the Streaming Exclusive Project, this means that I’m not going to be blogging daily. This should allow me to have binging days and writing days as opposed to expecting every day to function as both. In addition, I won’t be holding myself to a strict format as previous posts have. While I think that strategy worked really well with the 30 Pilots in 30 Days project, it’s really hard to stick to a format when I’m often blogging about several different shows in one post.

Thank you so much for every last person who supports this blog in any way. I’m just a young writer still figuring stuff out as I go and I appreciate having the freedom to call audibles. Please know that all decisions I make are in the hopes that I create better content for you!

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