Introducing… 30 Movies in 30 Days!!!

So if you’ve been following this blog since its inception, you know it was initially built around the 30 Pilots in 30 Days project. And while there have been some fun posts here and there since, let’s be real here: nothing has captured that same magic.

So June 2018 marks yet another daily blogging project. This time, I’ll be watching movies instead of pilots. Back in high school, I used to do something called “Watch a Kick-Ass Movie Everyday of the Month” and it was so much fun I’m really not sure why I haven’t done one since. So the rules below are an adapted version of those rules. Unlike the 30 Pilots project, I don’t have a designated list of movies I picked in advance, but I DO have a list of requirements intended to make sure I’m exploring everything the wonderful world of cinema has to offer. That also means that you can suggest movies throughout the month and maybe you’ll see them on the blog.


SECTION 1: General Guidelines

1. There is no rollover. While I am welcome to watch more than one movie in a day, doing so doesn’t mean I don’t have to watch any another day. However, if I watch two or more movies in a day, I can count as many as I like towards the “at least one” requirements that are listed in Section 2.

2. I can only count a movie once. While I’m allowed to watch a movie multiple times during the month, there can only be ONE day when it’s the only movie I watch. This is so I can have the flexibility to watch a movie multiple times before blogging about it if I feel so inclined, but also makes sure you never have to read more than one blog about the same movie.

3. I must start, finish, and blog each movie after midnight and before 11:59 pm that same day. No starting tomorrow’s movie today and blogging it tomorrow.

4. I must watch the movie in its entirety for it to count, even if it’s one I’ve seen a thousand times and could easily skip 10 minutes without losing track of the plot.

5. A single movie can count for as many of the “at least one” rules as the given movie allows. For example Air Bud would count as both a sports movie and a movie centered around an animal. Les Miserables would count as a musical, a drama, AND a movie where one of the good guys dies. You get the idea.

7. Imdb gets the final say on whether or not a movie counts for a specific genre, save for the so-bad-it’s-good requirement as it is not an official genre.

8. No multi-tasking during the movie. There is a difference between watching a movie and being present while a movie is on. If you’re so busy you can’t get what you’re supposed to get out of the movie, it doesn’t count.


10. Seriously, bitch. Put your phone on airplane mode while you’re watching if that’s what it takes.


12. The dank memes will be there when the movie is over. Leave your computer in a different room. Unless you’re streaming to your computer of course.


SECTION 2: Over the course of the month I must watch…

1. At least one movie I’ve never seen.

2. At least one comedy.

3. At least one movie that was made before I was born (1993).

4. At least one movie I like but haven’t seen in over a year.

5. At least one movie that makes me cry.

6. At least one movie where “one of the good guys” dies (it does not necessarily have to be the primary protagonist though).

7. At least one sports movie.

8. At least one action/adventure movie.

9. At least one musical.

10. At least one animated movie.

11. At least one movie about kids in high school.

12. At least one Rated G movie.

13. At least one Rated PG movie.

14. At least one Rated PG-13 movie.

15. At least one Rated R movie.

15. At least one new movie solely because a friend or reader suggested it even if it’s not “your type” of movie.

16. At least one drama.

17. I must watch at least one movie with a friend, because having a social life is cool and all.

18. At least one movie that centers around an animal (this includes mythical creatures).

19. At least one so-bad-it’s-good movie.

20. At least one movie based on a tv show.

21. At least one Best Picture Academy Award winner.

22. At least one movie directed by someone who’s won the Best Director Academy Award. It does NOT necessarily have to be the movie for which they won it.

23. At least one foreign film. (Fun fact: Foreigners don’t make movies. Only films.)

24. At least one “series” of movies, with a minimum of three movies in order to constitute a “series.”

22. At least one movie in the theaters. (Ok it’ll probably be Incredibles 2. But let’s pretend this is suspenseful).

23. At least one movie I know nothing about, without reading a synopsis or watching a trailer ahead of time.

24. At least one documentary.

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