30 Movies in 30 Days: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Had I seen it before: Yes.

What IMDb says: Small town band hits it big, but they must battle a nefarious plot in the music industry.

Requirements fulfilled: 

– At least one so-bad-it’s good movie

Why I picked it: I still hadn’t done a so-bad-it’s-good-movie. I was actually chatting about this one the other day with my family and decided it was calling my name for this requirement.

What I liked about it: So first thing’s first. I really REALLY enjoy Barry Gibb’s hair. ‘Tis glorious. There’s also Steve Martin. There’s Earth, Wind & Fire. Ultimately, this is a chance to watch Beatles music performed in an unconventional way by wonderful famous people. Not much more, but that is enough for me.

What I didn’t like about it: So first thing’s first. The font choices in this movie are wretched.

Furthermore, I want to point out that even the dude in charge of writing the IMDb synopsis couldn’t figure out what the plot was. It’s one thing to do a ridiculous story that isn’t particularly interesting (see my Moulin Rouge writeup) but this one is actually hard to follow at times. Virtually none of the villains have any kind of reasonable motivation.  The universe has no rules. Story beats seem arbitrary rather than one beat happening as the direct result of the last one. Any plot it DOES have it only has due to George Burns narrating rather than natural storytelling. It is a movie that only works if you just accept that and move on. You’re here just to marvel at the fact that anyone even conceived of this idea, found a way to fund it, and got numerous wonderful famous people to agree to it.

Also, and I can’t stress this enough, the font choices are wretched.

Will I watch it again: Most likely. This one is in my personal collection and I look forward to introducing it to my loved ones.

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