Another 30 Day Challenge: Writing About Writing

So I’m not super immersed in the world of live-your-best-life podcasts, but there is one I follow near religiously, which is the Office Hours Podcast with TK Coleman and Isaac Morehouse. This podcast’s advice actually helped me get the job I have now, so please check it out. It’s legit, and especially helpful if you’re pursuing a career in a creative field. Spoiler alert: they’re strong advocates of 30-day blogging challenges.

Now, one thing mentioned on this podcast that has stuck with me over these last few weeks is the idea that “experts” are not necessarily great teachers. A lot of times, the person who is best able to help you learn a new skill is someone who’s just a step or two ahead of you, rather than someone who’s miles ahead of you.

I enjoy this notion because it’s flattering as hell for me. I’m just a step or two ahead of most people in a LOT of different things without actually being an expert in any of them. One of those things that I find particularly fascinating is the art of screenwriting. At times I’ve thought it could be fun to do more advice-for-aspiring-screenwriters content on this blog, but I’ve shied away from it. Why? Because I’m not an expert. And trust me, the internet does not struggle with a lack of debatably expert screenwriters trying to give screenwriting advice.

But this new concept about great teachers changes everything. Not only does it liberate me to publish all my writing tips without any fear that I’m underqualified, if anything I am morally obligated to write all my writing tips down NOW. Because one day I might become a hella successful, expert screenwriter who will be utterly useless when it comes to teaching this fascinating art form to newcomers.

So if you’re new to screenwriting, I hope you’ll consider following this project. I am a screenwriter who just might be a step or two ahead of you in the process of learning this skill. I hope my ideas are helpful to you. Let me know if you have questions.

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