5 Reasons The Bold Type Is So Freaking Bold

I wrote about Freeform’s The Bold Type in a previous article and used it as launching pad for a broader discussion of social stigma surrounding content made for women. While I’m still proud of that post, upon re-reading it I can’t help but notice that it really doesn’t do justice to the show itself. I also wrote it before Season 2, which means I have even MORE to talk about now.

And so to celebrate the Season 2 finale, I thought it best to write a proper fangirl post of The Bold Type. While it’s very easy to look at the The Bold Type’s marketing and think that it’s just another 20-somethings-in-Manhattan show that the world doesn’t need, I genuinely believe there is no other show like this on television. Here’s why.

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I Like Lady Shows and I’m Proud

So while I was doing my 30 Pilots in 30 Days project, one of the rules was that I could only watch the pilots on my list, no binging the shows. One night, I was in the mood to binge. I wanted something shallow and perhaps even a little stupid. I’ve used Sex and the City for this purpose before but when I saw an ad for The Bold Type in my newsfeed, I couldn’t help but wonder if someone FINALLY pulled off a good “ambitious young female writer in NYC and friends” show so I decided to give it a shot.

The Bold Type/Freeform

If you’ve never watched the show, it’s about three millennial women working at a fictional version of Cosmo and their trials and tribulations both personally and professionally. Fun fact: it’s still about that even if you have watched the show, but I digress.

The Bold Type exceeded my expectations. It tackled many issues that a lot of other feminist shows are scared to, including sex work and Islamophobia. It explored how mainstream feminism can sometimes have unintended consequences, such as how sexual liberation can also make women feel bad about themselves if they’re not having sex. I realized within the first few episodes that I was falling in love with this show.

Then I had this very brief moment where I hated myself for falling in love with this show. It was supposed to be a shallow, stupid, Sex in the City type show, right? I was too cool for such shows, right?
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